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Discover the essence of natural wellness with our Seeds & Herbs collection! At Lazizz, we bring you a curated range of premium-quality seeds and herbs, sourced from diverse origins worldwide.

Our selection includes an array of nature's treasures, from chia seeds and flaxseeds to basil, thyme, and more. Each product is carefully picked to ensure superior quality and freshness, enabling you to embrace the power of these wholesome elements in your daily routine.

Explore our Seeds & Herbs collection and elevate your culinary creations or wellness rituals with these rich, natural ingredients!

Premium Indian Green Jumbo Cardamom (8mm and above) - 250g by Lazizz

Cardamom Green Jumbo (8mm and above) 250g

Indulge in the aromatic allure of our Cardamom Green Jumbo, prized for its superior quality and robust fragrance. Our 250g pack offers the finest selection of Green Cardamom, boasting pods measuring 8mm and larger.