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250g Pack of Cashew Nuts

22 AED

Cashew 250g

Delight in the wholesome richness of Cashews, the kidney-shaped seeds harvested from the tropical cashew tree. Our premium Cashews originate from select sources globally, ensuring quality, taste, and nutritional benefits in every bite.

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Dried Apricots 500g - Nutritious Dried Fruit Snack

44 AED

Dried Apricots 500g

Experience the natural sweetness and nutritional powerhouse of our Dried Apricots, sourced from the sun-soaked orchards of Turkey. Our apricots are carefully dried to preserve their rich flavor and essential nutrients, making them a guilt-free treat packed with goodness.

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Golden Raisins 250g - Premium Quality Dried Fruit


Golden Raisins 250g

Raisins are a nutritional marvel, boasting a low-fat profile and offering fewer than 120 calories per serving. Rich in fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals, these antioxidant-packed wonders provide natural sugars, enhancing their overall nutritional value.

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