Special Dates

Ajwa Dates (1kg)

Ajwa dates are a soft, luscious, and fruity date variety, with a fine texture, from Saudi Arabia.
55 AED

Majdoul Jordan Dates 1kg

Majdoul Dates are grown along the western border of Jordan, along the Jordan River all the way down to Wadi Araba.
60 AED

Mabroom Dates (1kg)

Mabroom dates are a type of soft dry date variety (similar to Ajwa dates) that are grown mainly in Saudi Arabia in the Western Peninsula.
45 AED

Safawi Dates (1kg)

Safawi dates are a soft, semi-dried date variety.
35 AED

Dates Paste (1kg)

A natural product of premium quality Date Paste in a vacuum pack without any preservatives.
12 AED

Organic Khidri Dates (1kg)

Saudi Arabia home-grown Khidri dates feature a dark maroon-red skin.
45 AED

Stuffed Date Mix box

Mix Stuffed date of approximately 250g
30 AED